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Aptos External Resources

Proceed with caution

This page links to third-party contents. Aptos neither endorses nor supports these contributions. Nor can we guarantee their effects.

This page contains links to external resources supplied by the Aptos community. These may be useful, technical posts to the Aptos Forum or links to Aptos-related technologies documented elsewhere.

To add your own resource, click Edit this page at the bottom, add your resource in Markdown, and create a pull request for review.


ContributionDescriptionAuthorDate added/updated
Aptos Staking Dashboard · RepoA dashboard to monitor your Aptos validator performance, view network stats, or request delegation commissions. By Paymagic Labs.pakaplace2023-03-10
Aptos Validator/Staking Postman CollectionA Postman collection for querying staking pool, staking contract, and account resources/events.pakaplace2023-03-10
One-stop solution for Aptos node monitoringA monitoring solution for Aptos nodes utilizing Docker containers with Prometheus, Grafana, cAdvisor, NodeExporter, and alerting with AlertManager.Lavender.Five Nodes2023-03-10
Monitor Your Aptos validator and validator fullnodes with Prometheus and GrafanaA full-featured Grafana/Prometheus dashboard to monitor key infrastructure, node, and chain-related metrics and data relationships.RHINO2023-03-10


ContributionDescriptionAuthorDate added/updated
Alerts integration on your validator/full nodeExplains how to integrate alerts on your validator (fullnode).cryptomolot2023-06-11
Tools to monitor your validatorExplains what tools to use to monitor your validator (fullnode).cryptomolot and p1xel322023-06-11
How to join validator set via snapshotDemonstrates a method to join a validator set with a snapshot.cryptomolot2023-06-11
Alerts for your validator via Telegram publicDemonstrates a useful method for receiving alerts.cryptomolot2023-06-11
Ansible playbook for Node Management (Bare Metal)This Ansible Playbook is for the initialization, configuration, planned and hotfix upgrades of Aptos Validators, VFNs and PFNs on bare metal servers.RHINO2023-03-14
Ansible playbook for Node Management (Docker)This Ansible Playbook is intended for node management, including initial launch and handling upgrades of nodes.Lavender.Five Nodes2023-03-13
Write Your First Smart Contract On AptosThis blog is created to help you start writing smart contracts in Aptos Blockchain.Samundra Karki, MokshyaProtocol2023-02-27
Transfer validator node to other server (no FN required)Shows how to transfer a validator node to another server without using an intermediate full node server.p1xel322023-02-03
Failover and migrate Validator Nodes for less downtimeExplains how to hot swap a validator node with a validator full node with Docker setup and inspired the generic Update Aptos Validator Node via Failover.guguru2022-11-22