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Contribute to the Aptos Ecosystem

We welcome your own contributions to the Aptos blockchain and this site! Aptos exists to foster an inclusive ecosystem. This page describes ways you can help, while the other pages in this section highlight our community's contributions.

As always, adhere to the Aptos Code of Conduct when taking part in our ecosystem.

Ask questions and offer answers

Join Aptos Discord to speak with developers and hop into the Aptos community. It's the best way to keep up to date with news and developments in the Aptos universe. Be sure to check pinned messages in the channels - this is where we like to post topic-specific links, events, and more.

For technical questions, we recommend Stack Overflow so anyone in the world may search for, benefit from, and upvote questions and answers in a persistent location. To offer your own advice and find tips from others, post to and use the Aptos Forum.

Please remember, community managers will never message or DM you first, and they will never ask you to send them money or share any sensitive, private, or personal information. If this happens to you, please report it to us in Aptos Discord.

Report issues, request enhancements

Review and upvote existing issues in the Aptos blockchain.

File new issues to report problems or request enhancements. For security concerns, instead follow the Aptos Core Bug Bounty process.

Here are the primary bug queues:

Develop your own project

See, employ and join the growing number of delightful community-driven projects in the Aptos ecosystem.

Become an Aptos ambassador

Help organize events, develop content and more for the ecosystem by joining the Aptos Collective with plenty of perks in return!

Fix the source code

We at Aptos love direct contributions in the form of pull requests. Help us make small fixes to code. Follow our coding conventions for:

Update the documentation

You may report problems and supply other input in the #docs-feedback channel of Aptos Discord. To help with our contents, follow Update